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Child Support

Each parent has an obligation to provide for their child emotionally and financially. Child support in Colorado is considered the right of the child. Colorado has adopted child support guidelines based upon the Income Shares Model to calculate child support. The factors considered in calculating child support include:

• The parties’ incomes
• Number of children
• The number of overnight visits with each parent
• The financial resources of the custodial parent
• The financial resources and needs of the noncustodial parent
• The physical, emotional, and educational needs of the child
• The standard of living the child would have had if the family had not separated

Parents can agree to a higher or lower child support amount than that calculated by the Child Support Calculator, however, they will have to demonstrate to the Court, why the alternate amount is in the best interest of the child or children. Our experienced attorneys at McGuire Law, can advise as to what you may have to pay in child support or if you are seeking child support, how to make your case for your child’s needs.

Child Support
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