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Domestic Violence & Protection Orders

Protection orders (also called restraining orders) are a tool we can use to keep you and your family safe. You can obtain a civil protection order even if there is already one from a criminal court. A person found in violation of a protection order can be arrested.

A protection order prevents the restrained person from contacting, harassing, threatening, touching, stalking, coming within a certain distance of you, your family, your pets and even property or your place of employment.

You can file for a temporary (emergency) order of protection where the other party does not have to be present. If granted, this order is only temporary and usually lasts around fourteen (14) days or until your scheduled permanent protection order hearing.

You can obtain an order of protection against an individual even if they are the parent of your child. When issuing protection orders against co-parents, courts will take into account any co-parenting arrangements that are safe and appropriate for the children’s wellbeing.

Domestic Violence & Protection Orders
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