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Intersection of Family and Immigration Law

Family law and immigration cases often intersect. Most family law firms do not handle immigration matters and not all immigration law firms handle family law matters. We are uniquely equipped to help you in both types of matters.

• International marriages
• Common law marriages
• Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
• Enforcing International Orders in the United States
• Citizenship applications for U.S. citizenship by a Lawful Permanent Resident or a child of a U.S. citizen born outside of the U.S.
• Divorce proceedings for a marriage based Green Card recipient

Our expert attorneys at McGuire Law can advise you of any immigration benefit you may be entitled to as a result of your family law case and vice versa. We understand and can help protect our client from any issues with their immigration case as a result of changes in the marriage or family life.

Intersection of Family and Immigration Law
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