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Bond and Custody Redetermination

Sometimes ICE will detain or arrest people when they are in the United States without lawful immigration status. For a number of different reasons, those individuals may have to request that the Immigration Judge issue them a bond so that they can be released from immigration detention and fight the rest of their immigration case while living their life as normally as possible at home.

Being detained or having a loved one detained at an ICE Detention Center can be devastating and stressful. Detention can leave you feeling hopeless and scared. But having an expert attorney defending your rights can make the difference between having to complete your case on a fast track from the detention facility and being able to fight your case on the slower docket while living and working beside your family.

Respondents normally only get one opportunity to request a bond. If that request is denied, their only hope for an immigration bond in the future is to prove that the circumstances have changed. Unfortunately for many respondents, hiring an attorney is not enough of a changed circumstance to win your bond request the second time, so it’s critically important that your first bond request is the best one. Individuals and families hoping to secure an affordable bond order from the Immigration Judge are best suited to consult with an expert attorney so that the bond request has the best possible chance at success.

Bond and Custody Redetermination
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