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Immigrant Visas

Investor Visas (EB-5 and E-2)
Some applicants may be qualified to obtain a green card (Lawful Permanent Residency) based on their employment or investment opportunities. The EB-5 category of investor visas typically requires a substantial investment of $500,000 or more in an existing investment category already approved by USCIS. The investments bear a similar risk/reward assessment to other investment projects, but as an immigrant investor, applicants can become eligible to apply for a green card.

National Interest Waivers
National Interest Waivers are cases that allow highly qualified and skilled workers to self-petition for Lawful Permanent Residency, meaning they do not have to have an employer willing to sponsor them for a permanent position. Individuals working in areas of expertise that are critical to the development, public safety, medical practice, infrastructure, energy development, or other essential sectors of U.S. society have to establish their exceptional ability and distinction to qualify. Successful cases result in a green card for the applicant.

Immigrant Visas
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