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Temporary Protection Status. (TPS)

Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, is a temporary benefit afforded to individuals who are in the United States when disaster strikes in their home country. Such disasters include incidents like the civil wars in El Salvador, Syria, and Sudan/South Sudan, major natural disasters like the earthquake in Nepal or the hurricanes in Haiti, or sudden civil or political unrest like in Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The TPS designation is made by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security based on regular reviews of the country conditions as they improve following a serious disaster. Conditions in some countries remain difficult for a long time, leading to long-term TPS designations that last years or even decades.

It is important to note that TPS is not a permanent status and it does not lead to a green card or U.S. Citizenship.

Many recipients of TPS enjoy the renewable Employment Authorization Document (“work permit”) while they continue to pursue other possible immigration benefits that they may qualify to request.

Applicants hoping to receive TPS must make sure they meet all the eligibility requirements before applying, which includes specific dates during which they must have physically resided in the United States and limitations on criminal history, among others.

Temporary Protection Status. (TPS)
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